The house


From empty to full house

Moraca jiu jitsu house launched in the summer 2016, and to kick everything off we hosted 50 Brazilian jiu jitsu athletes over a 3-week period with training 2 times a day, but the house was actually build long before that, my grandmother built the house in the mid 90’s with the purpose of accommodating travelers from all over the world visiting the city Bar, the house was full year after year until her passing. After she was gone, everything came to a stop and the house was suddenly empty for a long period.

The beginning

How it all started

Since i was born I have been used to all the guests, and now without all these faces around it became boring, on top of that I missed BJJ when I was away from my gym back in Copenhagen ( In the beginning I just wanted to invite some friends to Montenegro so we could have fun and train, but then I realized that it would be awesome to use the house to its full potential and give it some life again, That was actually the idea, and the rest is history


And changes

Our goal is to have the best accommodation and training facilities in the most amazing surroundings, we already started the renovation process to make it our own. Last year we installed A/C in the whole house, which was a bit costly but worth the upgrade, to get a comfortable night’s sleep. This year we will replace the windows/doors on third floor, the façade will get a complete makeover, and the yard will be upgraded with handmade furniture, 2 barbeque grills, Ping-Pong table, PlayStation 4 and a small bar with refreshments.


The looks and feels !

The property consist of two buildings, and two front yards where we chill out during the day. The difference between the two buildings are the room types. It is built in classic Mediterranean coastal style with simple layout and vibrant colors. 50 % of the yard is covered in kiwi fruits, and the leaves make an amazing shadow. In the backyard, there is lemon trees, and this is also, where the Gi’s will be hanged to dry.


The local vibes

The house is located in a friendly neighborhood where you will get a taste of the life as a local, and you will probably even get to know some of the locals. The area has a relaxed vibe with small restaurants and cafes and small Fruit markets along the way to the beach and gym. The city of Bar is not a wild party place, but has some small beach parties with relaxed music. For a night out, we recommend Sutomore (10 min) or Budva (40 min.), Both cities are easy to reach with car or public transport.


Airport transfer

Just like last year, we are offering an airport transfer directly to the house, don’t worry about getting ripped off, haha. Transfers from Podgorica & Tivat airport only.


We are in the process of building a reception area where you can ask all the questions in the world, and this will double as a minibar with drinks, healthy snack and icecream, ahhhh.

Free parking

We have free parking spots 20 meters from the house, so if you rent a car or plan to make a road trip to Moraca jiu jitsu house, do not worry – just get going!


We have free wifi at the house, but if you’re the type who likes to have internet where ever you are going, we will help you buy a sim-card with 3g connection for 10 € only !


After a fail last year with no breakfast, we will come back strong with our own kitchen and delicious breakfast. We will serve it Montenegrin style, just how it’s supposed to be!

Massage therapy

As a new addition to the whole experience, we will offer massage therapy at the house. Write your name on the list at the house and get a fine-tuning of the body, ready for the next training.

Laundry service

Your sweaty GI’s and clothes are no problem for us, we will make sure you stay fresh throughout your whole training camp. The staff will make sure it’s clean and ready to wear for the next day!

Cleaning service

We have 24hr cleaning service at the house, which means our bathrooms, common areas and rooms will be neat and clean throughout the whole day. Expect shiny floors and spit shined door handles.

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