Terms and Conditions

Moraca.eu booking conditions

These are the Booking Conditions applicable to training camps booked with Moraca.eu and should therefore be read carefully. Should any part of these conditions become invalid or unenforceable this will not affect the validity of the remainder of these conditions.

Moraca.eu contract

Your contract is with Moraca.eu. The person signing the booking form must read and accept these Booking Conditions by clicking accept. In the case of a group booking the group leader or « lead name » must have the authority to sign on behalf of everyone in the group. The lead name will be responsible for the full cost of the booking including insurance premiums, cancellations and amendment charges. No booking contract exists between Moraca.eu and the client until the booking form has been received. Once the booking form is received there is a contract and payment obligation, starting with deposit or full payment (see prices) and cancellation policy will apply as of immediately effect. We reserve the right to refuse to accept bookings in our absolute discretion without stating the reason for doing so. Please inform us immediately if there are any discrepancies in the costs or details of your booking.


All prices are in euros and per person per week, unless otherwise is stated. Upon making your booking the price of your stay will not normally be subject to change, however we reserve the right to increase or decrease prices due to variations in service charges, offers, insurance/security levels or exchange rates. Once a booking has been made discounts cannot be applied retrospectively. A deposit of 150 € required at the time of booking. Once the confirmation has been dispatched, the deposit is non refundable. The final balance is due on ARRIVAL date. If the final payment has not been received by this date we reserve the right to treat the booking as a cancellation. The final balance will still be due and payment obligation still exists according our cancellation policy.

Laundry service

A full laundry service costs 10 € for 6 kg of clothing, that translates to 3 Bjj gis. We wash your training clothes, as well as your everyday wear. Just bring your laundry bag to one of the staff members and we will take care of it. If you give us the bag in the morning it will be ready to use in the afternoon. Washed, dried and folded.

We will wash your sheets at no cost after 14 days of use, but if you would like to have them cleaned before hand, then the same prices apply for the laundry service

Discounts – offer & vouchers

Discount vouchers supplied by us are only valid for the shared rooms. The vouchers don`t apply on already made discounts/ offers. Discount applies for maximum one booking week only, any extra days are charged according to the price on that moment. The vouchers are valid in the time frame that is stated on the voucher and when the booked holiday is within these dates , booked & paid. Discount bookings are non-refundable.


Moraca.eu will not accept bookings that are ment for re-selling with lower, equal or larger profits then what we offer on our website. If any of these bookings occure without giving us notice or our written approval we are able to cancel the booking at anytime and claim full compensation of the booking with the value of what has been booked with us according to our website prices.


The following payment terms are applying when a booking is made.

  1. A booking made over 6 weeks before the arrival date a minimum of 150 €  has to be paid within 7 days after we send the confirmation & invoice.
  2. A booking made between 0 to 6 weeks before the arrival date, a minimum of 150 € has to be paid within 3 days after we send the confirmation & invoice.

If there are any trouble with making the payment please inform us immediately.


After registration and payment of your booking, the booking fee is non-refundable. This means that we will not repay the fee to you even if you for some reason cannot make it to the House. Airport transfers: It may sometimes be necessary to combine, on certain transfers, customers arriving or departing on more than one flight, which may require additional waiting time at your airport or accommodation.

Training camp termination & indemnity

While staying with Moraca.eu guests are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner and are expected to accept responsibility for the conduct of themselves and their party. Should their behaviour threaten the condition of the accommodation or vehicles or seriously impair the enjoyment of other guests, Moraca.eu reserves the right to refuse to further accommodate the guilty party and contractual obligations will be terminated. The guilty party will be liable for the cost of any damage caused.


Everyone booking a stay with Moraca.eu must have full travel insurance. Moraca.eu accepts no responsibility for loss theft or damage to persons or property during their stay.

Instructor cancellation

In the event any of the instructor will have to cancel their participation at the camp, we will do our best to find a substitute. However, we will not offer to refund the registration fee.

Contact information

If you change your contact information – Email, phone number, address etc. please notify us, so we can correct the change.


By booking with Moraca.eu you have agreed to these terms & conditions.