It is now possible also to arrive at Dubrovnik airport in Croatia – we can pick you up at the airport, it is a 2 hour drive to the house, 40 euros for both ways.


Wild nature

With some of Europe’s best beaches on its doorstep, Montenegro naturally has a chilled out vibe that attracts people from all over the world. At the same time, Montenegro has yet to be hit by the tourist boom, and if you want to experience the local culture in all its sense of the word, now is a good time to experience this place. You can spend your days training BJJ and exploring the awesome beaches and nature that surrounds the city of Bar where Moraca Jiu Jitsu house is located, your nights in some the quaint old towns where you can enjoy a drink with people from the camp. With great food to suit every budget, it’s the perfect place to spend a few days… or weeks… or even a month! (check out our deals for longer stays)

Tranquil vibe

Life here in Montenegro moves very slowly, First of all, Montenegrins are  LAZY, or we might also say  that they have a special attitude towards work. Most Europeans feel an internal need to work, they feel guilty when they don’t have “obligations” – Montenegrins enjoy doing nothing, sitting for hours in a pub and discussing all possible world issues, just waiting until they get a chance to earn money in an easy and fast way, haha. This is perfect for us, Although we train hard we need some time to recover for all the classes!, kick your legs back, and enjoy life without worries.

Our home is your home

Everybody in the neighbourhood will make you feel at home, after a couple of days you will get to know people not only from the camp – but also some of the locals! We have everything within walking distance of the camp, the gym, supermarkets, restaurants, fitness gyms, outdoor bodyweight training facilities, trails for running and of course the beaches.

Montenegro is all about the great outdoors, so if you have been travelling for a while in big cities and places crowded with tourists this is your chance to get outside the comfort zone and enjoy the wide open spaces and beautiful landscape.

Mediterranean lifestyle

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How to get here

By air

The nearest airports are Podgorica or Tivat airport, it is possible to arrange transfer directly to the Moraca beach house. Dubrovnik airport is only 2 hours away with transfer or 3,5 with bus – that might also be an option.

By Car

We have free parking spots 20 meters from the house, so if you prefer to transport yourself by car it would make an epic road trip, where ever you’re coming from, just saying! Our address is Montenegro, Bar 85000 Ilino bb.

By train

The city of Bar is the end station, the tracks simply stop here! There is a direct line from Belgrade, Serbia. If you like the train it’s also possible to take the train from podgorica airport, but you will have to take a taxi first to the station.

Survival guide

Explore, experience and have fun !

This is really what we believe you should do, if you are in Montenegro or anywhere else in the world. Stop following people and must-see lists that your guidebook or app tells. Make your own experience of the city, get lost. Be open when you visit, and most of all, ready for new experiences and to meet new people. We should experience a new place, by it´s food, culture but most importantly by it´s people. So, make new friends, talk to locals (try) and please take your eyes of your smartphone, at least while you are outside

Here we have some basic useful information, that you might need !


The currency in Montenegro is EURO (€). You can pay with your card many places, but always have some cash on you just in case they do not accept credit cards.


In Montenegro, we speak Serbian. Hello = “Zdravo”, How are you = “Kako si?”, I train BJJ = “Ja treniram BJJ”. We will teach you some badass Serbian don’t worry!


The population in Montenegro is approximately 650.000, so it’s a small country – The municipality of Bar, where we are located, houses 40.000 people.


The Capital of Montenegro is Podgorica, and this is where the main airport is located, we will come pick you up here, and there will be a 20-30 minutes’ drive


The sky is always clear in the summer months, expect a lot of sun and good times on the beach when training is done, the temperature usually hits between 30-40 °c.


You can use a normal European style plug to charge all of your devices; we use 220v/50hz electricity.

Highest peak

The highest mountain peak is 2523 m – “Bobotov kuk”,Durmitor. The deepest canyon is 1300 m – Tara River Canyon, there is a possibility to do river rafting in the canyon.


We have an enormous amount of beaches, 173 in total. The city beach, Red beach, Sutomore Beach, Queens beach and many more easy to reach beaches.


Before your travel make sure to check up on VISA requirements for your country, This may be a helpful link to guide you Montenegro VISA .


A travel insurance policy covering theft, loss and medical problems is recommended. While theft is not a huge problem, it is always best to be on the safe side!

Food prices

The food is cheap here, expect to pay 5 € for a full meal with a drink (beach grill) or 10 € in restaurants. Drink/beer will set you back 2 – 2.5 €.

Transport prices

The public transport is cheap, with the bus 1-2 €, you can also take the train to Sutomore or the capital city Podgorica for 2 €. Starting prices for car rental is 25€/day.