Behind the scenes

About us


What we do

Basically, we like to say that we don´t do anything special. There is no big concept or philosophy behind What we like is to share the mats with our friends visiting Montenegro and the love and experience of living here. Montenegro is the perfect place for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA, we have our gym nearby and the beach is 2 minutes from the house for a relaxing break which is what we’re interested in sharing with you.


Check out our site for more information and book your training/holiday with us. We know that travelling without Training is not fun and that’s why we have created this special opportunity for you to travel with purpose. We want you to get in incredible shape and get better at BJJ or MMA by creating the perfect environment with world class training and sparring partners from all over the world. This will for sure be your best experience ever! Don’t take our word for it, ask our friends who were here last year.


Besides training, we want you to learn about simple things like why Montenegrins are lazy, why they drive like crazy people and how politicians are so smart (or at least that’s what they think), why our food is so great and what kind of music we listen to. Again, besides training, we are interested in giving you an understanding of Montenegrin culture and the way of living.

Who we are

Igor and Vladan are the hosts. Igor lives in Denmark most of the year and travels and lives in Montenegro frequently. He is a purple belt under Shimon Mochizuki from


Vladan lives in Montenegro and has a Judo background. In BJJ he is a white belt with 2 sessions under his belt. He is big and dangerous to train with so lets keep it that way. He makes sure we have everything we need when we are training and will probably be the first face you see when you arrive at the airport in Podgorica or Tivat. He will make sure you get to the camp in one piece.


Igor will be found on the mats, in the Moraca-4×4 or at the beach. They are cousins but more like brothers. The two troublemakers grew up together, and they were never home but always out in the streets having fun.